Forever Fast Break NEW

Forever Fast Break NEW

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If you want your taste buds to feel like they’ve had a candy bar, while your metabolism feels like it’s being fueled by protein and fiber then unwrap Forever FastBreak®. This delicious, chocolate covered peanut butter bar will make you feel like you’ve died and gone to weight management heaven. Fiber is the key to your health in several areas, including helping you feel fuller, longer.

Forever FastBreak® provides 3g of fiber in a delicious crunchy texture. Chock-full of 11g of protein these filling bars are a great meal replacement, or for when you need extra energy. That’s almost the protein of two eggs, all with on-the-go convenience. Plus, it has 0 trans-fat and 0 cholesterol. Fueled by vitamins and minerals, and other ingredients, which speed up the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, this fortified bar will help you meet your health and fitness goals. Contains: soy and milk. Manufactured in a plant that also processes egg, tree nuts, and wheat products.

• Delicious peanut butter crunch flavor

• 11 grams of protein

• 0 trans fat and 0 cholesterol